Arizona Geology 3D

    Welcome to the Arizona Geology 3D website.  This site consists of QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) movies of the Geologic Map of Arizona draped over digital topography for each 1 X 1 quadrangle.  Each movie consists of a 3D perspective of the quadrangle that the user can rotate using the mouse to view the area from any direction.  This site allows you to see how the geology relates to topography, cities, and other culture.

    To use this site you will need QuickTime installed on your computer, either as a plug-in for your browser or as a stand-alone application to run downloaded files.  To access a movie, click on the link below to jump to a page with a shaded relief index map of Arizona.  Once this map is displayed, clicking on any of the  1 X 1 squares will bring up the QTVR movie for that area.  Alternatively, you can download the file to your computer and run QuickTime as an application separate from your browser.  To rotate the movie, click and drag your mouse to either the left or the right.

Go to the Arizona Geology 3D Index Map



AZ Geo 3D Info:  Sources of data and how Arizona Geology 3D was developed.

Arizona Geologic Map Interactive:  A zoomable version of the 1988 Geologic Map of  Arizona, with photos of map units for the geologic map used in Arizona Geology 3D.

Arizona Geology Virtual Tourist:  Click your way through Arizona scenery.  See what the actual landscapes look like for the same areas as in Arizona Geology 3D.

To obtain a free copy of QuickTime, click here

Copyright 2001, 2002 by Julia K. Johnson and Stephen J. Reynolds.  These images can be freely used for educational purposes as long as the source is cited.  Thanks to Josh Coyan for help with new versions of the movies.