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Arizona is well known for spectacular scenery and geology! The Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Painted Desert, Mogollon Rim, and Sonoran Desert are just a few of Arizona's natural gems. So much to see and so little time, even for those of us who are lucky enough to live here! And how about those people living half a world away?

This site permits those near and far to visit, at least in their minds, Arizona the geological. The following web pages contain photographs of landscapes and other geologic features of Arizona. The site uses computer-generated shaded-relief maps, which show features of the landscape, such as mountains and valleys. These maps contain clickable links to scenic and geologic photographs that provide a great opportunity for learning how to observe landscapes. These observations lead to questions and possible explanations about how each scene may have formed. Spend some time looking, have some fun, and come visit again!

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All these photographs copyright Stephen J. Reynolds. The images can be freely used for educational purposes as long as the source is cited. If you use these images, please feel free to include a link to this page on your web page.

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