The file names listed below are followed by "rotate" if the block can be rotated, "transparent" if the block can be made partially transparent, "cut" if the block can be sliced into, "offset" if a fault can be slipped, and "erode" if the faulted block can be eroded.


File Name

Horizontal Layers
Gently Dipping Layers
Moderately Dipping Layers
Moderately Dipping, Oblique Layers
Gently to Moderately Dipping Layers
Steeply Dipping Layers

Note about file names:  In case you are really interested, the movie file names start with "b" for block. The next letters indicate the type of structure (l - layer, a - anticline, s - syncline, f - fault, i - intrusion, u - unconformity).  The next letter indicates the attitude of the structure (h - horizontal, g - gently, m - moderately, s - steeply, v - vertical).  If the file name has a "t", then the block can be made partially transparent. Fault movies may include "up" and "down", "dex" for right lateral, and "sin for left lateral, followed by a number (20, 40, 60), which relates to the original 3D software we used. Don't despair, we created the lists so that you didn't need to keep track of this information.