Interactive 3D Geologic Blocks


This module contains various animations and interactive movies exploring the three-dimensional nature of geology.  You will view, interact with, and think about different geological features represented by block diagrams.

As you progress through this module, Previous and Next buttons enable you to move back and forth between pages.  

We recommend that you view these pages in full screen mode (for Internet Explorer, it's in the View menu; for Netscape, go to the View menu and hide all the toolbars).


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Copyright 2001,  Stephen J. Reynolds and Debra E. Leedy.

Developed as part of the NSF-funded Hidden Earth Project at Arizona State University.  Done with cooperation and help from Julia Johnson, Michael Piburn, Carla McAulliff, James Birk, and Barbara Tewksbury.

Use in educational settings is permitted as long as the source is acknowledged.  Commercial use is prohibited.