Module 12.

Virtual Field Trip to Tempe Butte


So far, you have been identifying rocks and mapping their locations without actually going there. Now it is your chance to put it all together and see real rocks out in their natural setting. You will examine the rocks and structures, make a geologic map of the butte, and reconstruct the geologic history.


For this module you will complete a virtual field trip to Tempe Butte (also called Hayden Butte or “A” Mountain). A map to the area is provided in your lab manual, in case you would like to visit this place in person.


Goals for This Module

Use a website to experience a virtual field trip, exploring landscape features on a topographic map

Make observations and take notes about different rock units

On the topographic map, draw contacts between different geologic units

After the field trip, complete a geologic map and cross section of Tempe Butte

Write a bullet list about the geology of Tempe Butte



Exercise 12A: Exploring the Butte


Exercise 12B: After the Virtual Field Trip

Complete Exercise 12B as described in your lab manual and then complete Assessment 12B on Blackboard.