The Hidden Earth  -- Visualizing the Subsurface

Click on the links below to see the larger images.  In some cases, the image on the right represents a partially transparent version of the structure on the left.

vfault_vlayers_l.gif (5534 bytes)

vfault_vlayers_l_trans.gif (7389 bytes)
fault_block_normal_op.gif (23321 bytes) fault_block_normal_t.jpg (16669 bytes)
layer_in_block_orth_ldip_op.jpg (19416 bytes) layer_in_block_orth_ldip_t.jpg (16063 bytes)
layer_in_block_ob_rdip_op.jpg (16618 bytes) layer_in_block_ob_rdip_t.jpg (14680 bytes)
fold_block_syn_horiz.jpg (25094 bytes) fold_block_ant_away.jpg (22547 bytes)
layer_in_terrain_cliff_op.jpg (16023 bytes) layer_in_terrain_op.jpg (38877 bytes)