GeoBlocks 3D Worksheets

The links below are to worksheets that accompany the GeoBlocks 3D modules.  The PDF (Acrobat) files can be viewed directly within your browser (if you have the Acrobat plug-in), but the Word files should be downloaded to your computer and opened in Word.

Worksheets for Main Module

The most detailed module, requiring approximately 2-3 hours for students to complete.  Used at ASU for undergraduate Structural Geology and the summer nonmajors geology labs. 


Type of Structure PDF file Word file
Layers worksheet_layers.pdf worksheet_layers.doc
Folds worksheet_folds.pdf worksheet_folds.doc
Faults worksheet_faults.pdf worksheet_faults.doc
Intrusions worksheet_intrusions.pdf worksheet_intrusions.doc
Unconformities worksheet_unconform.pdf worksheet_unconform.doc

Worksheets for Abbreviated Modules

Two shorter modules covering a selection of each type of geologic structure.  Requires approximately 1 hour for students to complete.  These are used at ASU for nonmajor geology labs during normal semesters where time is tight.


Module PDF file Word file
Layers, Folds, Faults, Intrusions, and Unconformities 103_worksheet.pdf w103_worksheet.doc

Created by Stephen J. Reynolds, Debra Leedy, and Julia K. Johnson, Arizona State University.  Copyright, 2001-2003. Educational uses are permitted as long as source is credited.  Commercial uses are prohibited.