Exercise 7A

Making a Geologic Map

Examine the photographs below, which show photographs of several rock samples from the area of SP Crater. Examine and identify each rock type, entering your information in Worksheet 7A in the lab manual.

Rock sample 1

Hint: this sedimentary rock reacts
with hydrochloric acid

Rock sample 2

Hint: this is an igneous rock

Rock sample 3

Hint: this is an igneous rock,
not slate (a metamorphic rock)


Below is a satellite map of SP Crater. A black and white version of this map is in your lab manual.

SP Crater


Watch the video below, which illustrates how to define boundaries between different rock units and the location of a fault and other geologic features to create a geologic map.

Mapping SP Crater (with closed captioning via MediaAMP)

Mapping SP Crater (without closed captioning)





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