Module 7.

Mapping the Geology of Painted Canyon


In order to plan where to build your settlement and find necessary resources, you need to determine the distribution of the different rock units within Painted Canyon, primarily by creating a geologic map of Painted Canyon. To show the geometry of these units beneath the surface, you will construct a geologic cross section, which shows the depths to each rock unit in Painted Canyon.


One of the most important pieces of geologic information about an area is a geologic map, which shows the distribution of different types and ages of rocks exposed on the surface. Geologic maps also show geologic structures, like faults and volcanic craters, and are essential in any land-use planning.


Goals for This Module

Learn what a geologic map shows for the area around SP Crater near Flagstaff

Construct a geologic map of Painted Canyon by using images of the landscape

Construct a geologic cross section of Painted Canyon, showing the rock units below the surface

Use the cross section to determine the thickness of each rock unit in Painted Canyon



Exercise 7A: Making a Geologic Map


Exercise 7B: Mapping the Geology of Painted Canyon


Exercise 7C: Showing the Rock Units beneath the Surface


Exercise 7D: Testing Your New Knowledge

Follow the directions in your lab manual, which will instruct you on how to complete Assessment 7D on Canvas.


Module 7 follow-up quiz

Complete the Module 7 follow-up quiz on Canvas.