Painted Canyon - Geologic Map Hints




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To construct a geologic map of Painted Canyon and reconstruct the geologic history, use the resources listed below.  Especially useful in doing the geologic map will be the first three images, which label key places to begin drawing the boundaries (contacts) between different rock units.

pc_geomap_hints_nov.jpg (100486 bytes) Geologic Map Hint 1:  Labeled overview with bumps removed, looking north.
pc_geomap_hints_eov.jpg (90690 bytes) Geologic Map Hint 2:  Labeled overview with bumps removed, looking east.
pc_geomap_hints_wov.jpg (94443 bytes) Geologic Map Hint 3:  Labeled overview with bumps removed, looking west.
Overviews with Bumps Removed
Aerial Photographs
 To help visualize the geometry and thickness of rock units beneath the surface, check out these cross sections.
Cross Section 1, looking to the west
Cross section 2, looking down and toward the northeast
To reconstruct the geologic history of Painted Canyon, check out these labeled images.
Key Relative Age Relations