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The geology and landscapes of Painted Canyon can be observed via a series of pages and images linked to this page. The buttons to the left and below, except the Other and Chapters buttons, will appear on every page, providing you easy navigation about the website.  The buttons lead to the following places:

  • Home
This page
  • Overviews
3D perspectives taken from a distance, providing an overview
  • Close Ups
3D perspectives taken closer, showing more detail
  • Sample Site
3D perspectives and photographs showing where samples were collected
  • Panoramas
QuickTime Virtual Reality panoramas and a fly-through
  • Maps
Topographic, shaded relief, and slope maps
  • Other
Images about relative dating, geologic mapping hints, sedimentary environments, and others.
  • Chapters
Links to start pages for all GLG 103 chapters, including those dealing with Painted Canyon.

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