Superior Area




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Below are links to photographs taken in the Superior area.  The first two buttons are overview images, whereas the others are images tied to sample numbers.  The buttons to the far left of the sample number are close ups of the rock samples.  These may help you identify the rock type, by showing the larger context of the sample (layers or not, etc.).  The buttons immediately  next to the sample number show a middle distance photograph of the sample location to provide you with a perspective of what kinds of landscapes that rock type forms.

superior_apache_leap.jpg (320315 bytes) Looking southeast, from just east of Superior.
superior_apache_leap2.jpg (235497 bytes) Looking east, from just south of Superior.
superior_1_close.jpg (234925 bytes) superior_1_mid.jpg (145897 bytes) Sample 9c-1
superior_2_close.jpg (164038 bytes) superior_2_mid.jpg (29628 bytes) Sample 9c-2
superior_3_close.jpg (249907 bytes) superior_3_mid.jpg (209458 bytes) Sample 9c-3
superior_4_close.jpg (55538 bytes) superior_4_mid.jpg (50837 bytes) Sample 9c-4
superior_5_close.jpg (277236 bytes) superior_5_mid.jpg (200240 bytes) Sample 9c-5