Tucson Mountains




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NOTE:  This area is no longer studied in the ASU Geology Labs, so the sample numbers on this page are obsolete.

Below are links to photographs taken in the Tucson Mountains area.  The first two buttons are overview images, whereas the others are images tied to sample numbers. The buttons to the far left of the sample number are close ups of the rock samples.  These may help you identify the rock type, by showing the larger context of the sample (layers or not, etc.).  The buttons immediately  next to the sample number show a middle distance photograph of the sample location to provide you with a perspective of what kinds of landscapes that rock type forms.

tucson_mtns_gates_pass.jpg (308877 bytes) Gates Pass area of the central Tucson Mountains, looking northeast.
tucson_mtns_overview.jpg (206698 bytes) Ridge 1 km northeast of Gates Pass, in central Tucson Mountains, looking north.  Gray blocks in foreground are limestone enclosed in tuff of the Cat Mountain Rhyolite.
tucson_8c-1_close.jpg (27350 bytes) tucson_8c-1_mid.jpg (233793 bytes) Sample 8c-1
tucson_8c-2_close.jpg (69280 bytes) tucson_8c-2_mid.jpg (74740 bytes) Sample 8c-2
tucson_8c-3_close.jpg (251452 bytes) tucson_8c-3_mid.jpg (279950 bytes) Sample 8c-3
tucson_8c-4_close.jpg (266972 bytes) tucson_8c-4_mid.jpg (112895 bytes) Sample 8c-4
tucson_8c-5_close.jpg (28737 bytes) tucson_8c-5_mid.jpg (127828 bytes) Sample 8c-5