Geology 103 - Chapter Start Pages




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Links below are to start pages for each of the Geology 103 chapters.

Chapter 1:  Shape of the Land
Chapter 2:  Locating Yourself on Topographic Maps
Chapter 3:  Mineral Riches of Painted Canyon
Chapter 4:  Ancient Mountains and Volcanoes (Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks)
Chapter 5:  Ancient (Sedimentary) Environments and their Rocks
Chapter 6:  Mapping Painted Canyon
Chapter 7:  Reconstructing the Geologic History of Painted Canyon
Chapter 8: Colonizing Painted Canyon and Exploring Volcano Island  
Chapter 9: Grand Canyon of Northern Arizona
Chapter 10: Canyons and Mountains of Southern and Central Arizona
Chapter 11: Field Trip to Hayden Butte
Chapter 12: Hometown Geology
Chapter 13: Geology and Landscapes of Arizona
Chapter 14: Badwater and Fossils of the Grand Canyon and Colorado Plateau