Painted Canyon - Other Resources




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This page has links to other  resources helpful in understanding the geology of Painted Canyon.

Clastic Rock Textures  Images of rocks composed of clasts (pieces of other rocks).  Rocks with these textures generally form on or near the surface of the Earth. Most sedimentary rocks and some volcanic-related rocks are clastic rocks.
Crystalline Rock Textures  Images of rocks composed of crystals that grew together. Most igneous and metamorphic rocks are of crystalline rocks.
Sedimentary Environments  This series of pages and images contain information about sedimentary environments and the rocks they form.
Principles of Relative Dating  Images and animations showing the principles of relative dating and some real examples.
Key Relative Age Relationships  Images of key locales in Painted Canyon for reconstructing the geologic history.
Geologic Map Hints  Images helpful in constructing a geologic map of Painted Canyon.